Lenght of the program : 1800 hours

Certification : DEP

Prerequisite : Secondary IV & V (Grade 10 & 11)

To acquire the knowledge, ability and attitude necessary to differentiate between health and illness; acquire the knowledge and ability to understand and apply the techniques learned, establish a helping role with those with health needs, engage in team work within the modern health organization, communicate effectively with patients and their family, with superiors and with other health team members.

  •  A Secondary School Diploma or its recognized equivalent OR
  • Be at least 16 years of age on September 30th of the school year in which their training is to begin and have earned the Secondary V credits in English and Secondary IV credits in French and Mathematics in the programs of study established by the Ministry, or have been granted recognition of equivalent learning OR
  • Be at least 18 years of age upon entry into the program and have the following functional prerequisites: the successful completion of the general development test, as well as Secondary V credits in English in a program of study established by the Ministry, or recognition of equivalent learning OR
  • Have completed Secondary III credits in English, French and Mathematics in the programs of study established by the Ministry and who will continue their general education courses concurrently with their vocational training in order to obtain the credits they are missing among the following: Secondary V English and Secondary IV French and Mathematics in the programs of study established by the Ministry.
Code Statement of the competency Hours
751-572 First Aid 30
752-332 Profession and Training 30
752-342 Comprehensive Approach to Health 30
752-353 Communicating in a Care Team 45
752-367 Basic Care Procedures 105
752-372 Helping Relationship 30
752-382 Ethical and Legal Aspects 30
752-393 Care Procedures and the Musculoskeletal System 45
752-405 Basic Care 75
752-412 Nutrition 30
752-424 Care Procedures and the Nervous and Sensory Systems 60
752-432 Care Procedures and the Endocrine system 30
752-444 Care Procedures and the Digestive System 60
752-454 Care Procedures and the Urinary and Reproductive Systems 60
752-463 Approach to Clients With Cognitive Deficits 45
752-472 Approach to Clients in Palliative Care 30
752-483 Approach to Clients with Mental Health Problems 45
752-498 Geronto-Geriatric Care 120
752-505 Care of Clients with Mental Health Problems 75
752-518 Physical Rehabilitation Care 120
752-526 Surgical Care 90
752-532 Approach to Mothers and Newborns 30
752-542 Care of Mothers and Newborns 30
752-552 Approach to Children and Adolescents 30
752-562 Care of Children and Adolescents 30
752-577 Care of a Diverse Clientele 105
754-664 Infection Control 60
754-714 Drug Therapy 60
754-795 Specific Care 75
754-828 Medical Care 120
754-865 Cardiovascular and Respiratory Systems 75
Interests : Providing others with care and assistance

Professional Outlook : Licensed practical nurses

Average FULL TIME annual salary : $34,000