Lenght of the program : 1800 hours

Certification : DEP

Prerequisite : Secondary IV (Grade 10)

  • Develop the basic competencies required to carry out machining tasks;
  • Perform machining tasks on conventional machine tools
  • Perform programming tasks;
  • Perform machining tasks on numerical control machine tools
  • Actively participate in multidisciplinary teams
  • Integrate harmoniously into the school and work environments.
  • Hold a Secondary School Diploma or equivalency OR
  • Be 16 years of age by September 30th of the year that the program begins and have earned Secondary IV credits in English, French and Mathematics as established by the Ministry or have been recognized for equivalent learning OR
  • Be 18 years of age upon entry into the program and have completed the following prerequisites: General Development Test and the course in language of instruction ENG-3070-3, Mathematics MTH-2101-3, or recognition of equivalent learning OR
  • Have completed Secondary III credits in English, French and Mathematics in the programs of study established by the Ministry and who will continue their general education courses concurrently with their vocational training in order to obtain the credits they are missing among the following: Secondary IV English, French and Mathematics in the programs of study established by the Ministry.
Code Statement of the competency Hours
872-011 Determine their suitability for the occupation and the training process 15
872-024 Solve mathematical problems related to conventional machining 60
872-035 Interpret technical drawings 75
872-041 Avoid occupational health and safety risks 15
872-054 Take and interpret measurements 60
872-066 Do shop work 90
872-072 Interpret technical information related to materials and manufacturing processes 30
872-083 Sketch objects 45
872-096 Perform external cylindrical turning operations 90
872-105 Perform boring operations 75
872-118 Perform longitudinal and transverse machining operations on a milling machine 120
872-125 Cuts threads on a lathe 75
872-133 Perform drilling and reaming operations on a milling machine 45
872-144 Grind flat surfaces 60
872-153 Adapt to new types of work organization 45
872-162 Become familiar with the workplace 30
872-178 Perform angular and circular milling operations on a milling machine 120
872-182 Solve mathematical problems related to numerical control machining 30
872-194 Program a numerical control lathe manually 60
872-206 Machine simple parts on a numerical control lathe 90
872-214 Program a machining centre manually 60
872-226 Machine simple parts using a machining centre 90
872-238 Perform complex turning operations 120
872-248 Perform complex milling operations 120
872-271 Explore the possibility of starting their own business 15
872-286 Enter the work force 90

To be selected by the establishment according to the needs expressed by workplace representatives in the region.

Code Statement of the competency Hours
872-255 Mass-produce parts using conventional machining techniques 75
872-265 Perform machining operations using a boring machine 75

  • Interest : Making or building things, constructing, doing repairs and performing installations. Managing.

  • Professional Outlook : Machining tool operators, machinists & machining and tool inspectors.

  • Average FULL TIME salary : $49,000