Lenght of the program : 1605 hours

Certification : DVS

Prerequisite : Secondary III (Grade 9)

Acquire the knowledge , skills and attitudes needed to work in all seasons in the maritime fishing in order to perform tasks such as :

  • Choice of fishing grounds;
  • Directing the work of a group of fishermen and fishers;
  • The administration;
  • Operation and navigation of a fishing vessel;
  • Installation and repair of nets , lines, trawls, seines and traps;
  • The conservation of fish on board;
  • The conduct and maintenance of engines, protection against fire;
  • Preventive maintenance of the boat.
  • A Secondary School Diploma or its recognized equivalent OR
  • Be at least 16 years of age on September 30th of the school year in which their training is to begin and have earned the¬†Secondary III credits in English, French and Mathematics in the programs of study established by the Ministry, or have been granted recognition of equivalent learning OR
  • Be at least 18 years of age upon entry into the program and have the following functional prerequisites: the successful completion of the General Development Test and the course ENG-3071-3, or recognition of equivalent learning.

N.B.: For programs of study in this category, persons may continue their general education courses concurrently with their vocational training provided that they have earned at least the Secondary III credits in English, French and Mathematics in the programs established by the Ministry or they are at least 18 years of age and have successfully completed the General Development Test (GDT).

Code Statement of the competency Hours
238-171 Contemplates the art and gait training 15
238-184 Intervene in emergency situations at sea 60
238-198 Net menders fishing nets 20
238-205 Fit the gear fixed fishing 75
238-216 Begin the practice of the profession 90
238-224 Ensure the stability of the fishing vessel 60
238-235 Respect the rules of the road 75
238-249 Use charts 35
238-256 Use of navigation instruments 90
238-262 Observe the habitat and lifestyle of marine organisms 30
238-274 Promote responsible fishing and sustainable 60
238-282 Prepare the fishing trip 30
238-292 Use the media 30
238-306 Assemble the mobile gear fishing 90
238-314 Maneuver the fishing vessel 60
238-324 Operate fishing gear 60
238-332 Ensure the conservation of marine products 30
238-344 To conduct workshop 60
238-354 Maintaining electrical systems 60
238-364 Maintain engines 60
238-376 Maintain 90
238-382 Perform repair and modification of components of the fishing vessel 30
238-392 Use tools 30
238-403 Contemplates of managing a fishing business 45
238-418 Integrate into the workplace 20

  • Interests: Direct, organize, manage, work in contact with the nature and animals, self employment and manual labor

  • Professional Outlook: Capitan, Skipper, fisherman, fisherman helper or deckhand

  • Average FULL TIME annual salary : $39,000 - $65,000