Eastern Shores School Board is proud to present this new Adult Education website.

A life’s journey has many paths and changes along the way and when things get tough or responsibilities arise it is often the educational portion of our journey that is dropped. Sometimes it happens with the intention of resuming the educational journey at a later time and in some cases that time never presents itself. We would like to invite you to begin reinvesting in yourself and in your future. We are here to help as you rediscover the world of learning and we hope that this prospectus helps to inspire you as you take that first step towards completing/upgrading your education. SARCA (reception, referral, guidance and support) services are available through all six of our Adult Education and Vocational Training Centers for adults 16 years or older who do not have a first diploma. SARCA offers friendly reception services, individualized support based on your needs, referrals to community organizations, information regarding additional services relating to your goals, guidance and evaluation methods to determine your strengths. There is no charge for these services and we are waiting to serve you.